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MartinFarm 2008

This website has been in place since 1998. Really a long time considering that the internet was just becoming "in" at that time. It has changed occasionally, but for long periods of time in the intervening 10+ years, it has simply been dormant, gathering dust and little else. I have used the webspace that I rent each month for little other than a repository for some old code and pictures and a sometimes host for pictures posted on ebay.

We have had a blog on Google blogger for about two years, and with over 100 post now, it does have some continuity, but still there are long periods of 6 months when neither Joy or myself post anything. Blogger (or other blogging sites such as wordpress) are great in that they offer professionally managed sites with backup. In other words, your stuff is still going to be there in 10 years and probably, it is not going to be accidentally deleted. It also has the benefit of being free. However, you cannot just put up huge web albums of pictures there like you can on your own space. You can put lots of pictures on sites such as Picasaweb and Flickr for free, but there are limits on space. Still a good option. Also has the benefit of being very safe. But with the advent of software that can take a bunch of my photos and put them together in a very nice photo album or slideshow with little work on my part, I have decided to make the MartinFarm site over as just a bookmark page for these and other media from our family. You may see some video here in the future, but you will probably not see newsletters as in the past. For that you will need to go to the MartinFarm blog. So come back or check the blog for updates. I may even mail some of you links. And let me know if you enjoy!

Tim Martin

Jan 2008